Flawless Looking Skin With Any Foundation

Can’t find a foundation that works for you?

If you’re anything like me, you would be completely lost when it comes to choosing a foundation that is right for your skin. I’ve tried high end foundation and drug store foundation. It feels like I’ve tried everything! But nothing ever seems to work for me. The foundation I buy either makes my face oily and cakey or has no coverage at all. Sometimes it’s even gone from my face before the end of the day.

Well ladies I have found a solution. Ready? PRIMER. Prepping your skin before applying foundation is the number one reason a foundation isn’t working for you even if it is high end. Primer will soften your pores and will give you seamless looking skin when applying your foundation.

I recently went out and bought a drug store foundation from Maybelline that is 24 hour wear and paired it along with my Fenty beauty primer. My skin looks even better than when I use a high end foundation without a primer.

In conclusion, whether you’re into high end products such as Nars or would rather wear a drug store foundation, it is only going to look as good as your primer allows it to be.

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