How To Trim False Lashes At Home

Makeup Artist: Alexandria Campos Model: Alexandria Campos Photographer: Gilbert Duncan

Having the right fit for your eyelashes is the most important step to having a smooth sailing lash experience! Without the right fit, we leave no room for comfortable, natural-looking, and yes, even long-wearing lashes! Have no fear! I'm ready to give you all of the tips you need to properly fit your lashes at home. Tools needed -One pair of Ojitos Bonitos lashes

-One pair of lash or eyebrow scissors -Mirror

-Lash Glue Step One: Open Up A Pair

Open a pair of Ojitos Bonitos lashes and carefully remove one eyelash strip from the box. Step Two: Assess The Length Of Your Eye Place lash strip on your lash line (albeit glue) and look closely into the mirror to see how you much you need to trim off. Step Three: Trim the Lashes

Always trim from the outer edge. This prevents cutting off the inner corner of the lashes which are usually tapered to look more natural. Cut a little at a time to prevent cutting off too much. Step Four: Check For Fit Place the lashes on your lash line one more time to be sure that it looks like a good fit. Once it seems like a good match, repeat the same to the other lash. Make sure both lashes are even. Step Five: Glue The Lashes On You are now ready to glue them on! This is the best way to know if you have a proper fit. They should feel comfortable with none of the three P's -- pinching, pulling, or poking in the inner corner of your eye. If you experience any of the three P's, you may need to adjust the placement of the lash or repeat steps three and four. To learn more about gluing eyelashes on, please read my blog post How To Apply False Eyelashes At Home. You've now learned how to properly fit your eyelashes at home. Now it's time to flash that gorgeous lash!

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