Why Photographers Should Care About False Eyelashes

Makeup Artist: Alexandria Campos, Model: Stephanie Perry, Photographer: Sazhrah Gutierrez How many of you photographers have sat there looking at an image of your model or client and thinking to yourself "I wish she hadn't worn those low quality lashes that are obviously fake!" Or found yourself tediously editing the image before finally throwing your hands up in the air saying, "Screw it!"

The importance of eyelashes in photography is so underestimated yet it should be the other way around. When we are looking specifically at a portrait or beauty shot, our eyes naturally gravitate towards -- you guessed it, the eyes. There is nothing appealing about clumpy, dry, and flaky mascara that is more caked on eyelashes than any bakery I've ever been to (It's okay, you don't have to laugh at my corny pun.) In fact, it is quite distracting and distasteful. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen women wearing cheap, plastic-y looking eyelashes that scream "You're really trying too hard and it shows!"

But it gets even worse. A lot of these cheap eyelashes are uncomfortable and can even an irritant to the eyes. So now you have a model who has crappy lashes, red, and inflamed eyes, who now is not going to feel as comfortable and confident. And now you are going to capture it all in a photo for them to forever remember, not mention all the extensive editing you now need to fix all of that mess! Not so cute eh?

So next time you have a shoot, whether it be a model for your portfolio or a paid gig with a client, just simply ask them if they plan to wear false eyelashes. Ask the same question to your makeup artist. Make a recommendation on a quality brand or style. Something comfortable such as Ojitos Bonitos, that have a breathable cotton lash band. Ultimately, you, as a photographer, want to set yourself apart and put out quality images and services that are going to keep your business running with all of the recommendations.

Don't let a simple pair of low quality lashes ruin it for you.

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